What if the world offered you a chance to begin again, to create the life you wish for?

Fresh out of college, with no prospects of love or work on the horizon, Amanda moved back home. Living with her parents, in a suburb of Boston, was meant to be a temporary arrangement. Until she found a compelling reason to stay: Luke, the cute, young minister at her family’s church. Before she knew it, she’d fallen into love. And into divinity school.

By thirty, Amanda was married to Luke and had a promising career in a small-town New England church. From the outside, everything looked perfect. But inside? She’d lost herself. Marriage felt like a burden; her career, a mismatch. This wasn’t how she wanted to live. So she began shedding the “shoulds” and following her inner compass on an unexpected journey through divorce, out of the ministry, over the Italian Alps, and onto a small farm.

An inspirational story about waiting for clarity, trusting your inner wisdom, and the surprising turns life takes when you let go and believe in possibility. The Do-Over is a refreshing reminder that you can always begin again.

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